SMART BLUTM Programming Tutorials

Welcome to the J2 Light tutorials page for our SMART BLU™ App! You will quickly realize that humans have created these tutorials and that these productions contain some bloopers! We wanted to be as realistic as possible to show you how easy the program is to use by your average smartphone user. The tutorials follow an order that will quickly make you proficient in using the App. We will be updating with new tutorials as we go and wish to hear your comments good or bad. Get in touch with us here to let us know what you'd like to see!


1. 'Lights' Page: How to Bring Lights into the SMART BLU™ App

3. 'Lights' Page: How to Adjust Light Settings

5. 'Lights' Page: How to Adjust Light and Sensor Settings

2. ''Lights' Page: How to Add and Remove Lights

4. 'Lights' Page: How to Adjust Individual Lights


1. 'Groups' page: How to Adjust 'All Lights' Default Group and Add a Custom Group

2. 'Groups' page: How to Create and Modify Groups of Lights


'Scenes' Page: How to Create Scenes


'Switch' Page: How to Program a Switch


1. 'More' Page: Choosing/Saving Program and Simple Access for Users vs. Full Control for Commissioner

3. 'More' Page: How to Calibrate Photo Sensors for Daylight Harvesting

5. 'More' Page: Miscellaneous Remaining Commissioning Info

2. 'More' Page: How to Set Timers

4. 'More' Page: How to Perform a Motion Sensor Function Test