SMART BLUTM 2.0 Programming Tutorials

Welcome to the J2 Light tutorials page for our SMART BLU™ 2.0 App! You will quickly realize that humans have created these tutorials and that these productions contain some bloopers! We wanted to be as realistic as possible to show you how easy the program is to use by your average smartphone user. The tutorials follow an order that will quickly make you proficient in using the App. We will be updating with new tutorials as we go and wish to hear your comments good or bad. Get in touch with us here to let us know what you'd like to see!


1. Firmware Update

2. Adding Lights

3. Creating Groups Step by Step

4. Creating Multiple Groups

5. Linkage Brightness

6. Auto Color and Brightness

7. Daily Cycle

8. Motion Sensor

9. Photosensor Function

10. Scenes

11. Remote Control

12. Virtual Remote

13. Wall Switch


1. Create Light Network & Add Lights

2. Create Groups

3. Create Another Group


1. Adding Lights

2. Create Groups

3. Using Daily Cycle

3. Create Scenes

3. Control Devices